Due Diligence "Insurance"  For The insurance Industry

Vector One® is an interactive computer services provider offering agent screening tools to the insurance industry.


What We Do

Vector One® provides a user-friendly database comprised of tens of thousands of producers with commission-related debit balances. The database is continually updated by subscribers, and is always available, with real-time data, to subscribers.

Vector One is one of the most significant due-diligence, market conduct tools available to the insurance industry. The data Vector One provides to subscribers is proprietary and is not available from any other source. You cannot get the data from background check companies, departments of insurance, or credit reports. The data is only available from Vector One.

Vector One can help insurance companies control debit balance issues by giving subscribers the tools necessary to make better informed licensing and contracting decisions. Vector One subscribers learn about prospective producers with a history of debit balance issues with other Vector One subscribers BEFORE contracting the producers.


Who Needs Vector One

Insurance Companies, General Agents, and National Marketing Firms


Insurance Companies, General Agents, and National Marketing Firms that want to:

  • More competitively price their products by reducing losses resulting from debit balances.
  • Improve the chances of recovering outstanding debit balances.
  • Maximize due diligence and market conduct scrutiny.
  • Protect their policyholders from agents with a history of "twisting and churning."

Vector one Provides:

  • Powerful knowledge to managers and executives accountable for the bottom-line impact of agent performance.
  • Vector One furnishes specific information, addressing specific problems, tailored for the insurance industry.



Ask yourself:

  • How much does it cost your company to appoint a producer with a history of debit balances?
  • How much premium revenue does your company need to book to offset the losses from debit balance issues?


Vector One® was formed in 1989. Vector One helps insurance companies, managing general agents and national marketing firms make informed licensing and appointment decisions regarding agents who may have debit balances issues. 

Subscribers get the protection needed in today's litigious environment, while saving time and money in a very competitive marketplace. Vector One is due diligence "insurance" for the insurance industry.

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Agents, please do not contact Vector One using the form to the left.

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Debit-Check® Agent Hotline:

(800) 860-6546

Vector One Operations, LLC manages the interactive computer services provided by Debit-Check. The Agent Hotline is available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. The Hotline details instructions to Agents wishing to be provided with the name of the company or companies posting the agent to Debit-Check, including the specific contact person at the posting company or companies. You may also click the link below to download the Agent/Agency Information Request Form, that you can use to request information via mail or fax. 

Download Debit-Check Agent / Agency Information Request Form Below:

Written requests will be responded to within five business days or less. 

You have the right to dispute a specific posting. If you are already aware of the company(s) posting you to Debit-Check, and wish to dispute a posting, please send a letter, via mail or fax, to Debit-Check, outlining the facts that detail and explain the grounds for your dispute. Your letter must include your Name, SSN (and/or Tax ID), address and/or fax number, your signature, and the date. 

If you have other questions, please address them in writing. Due to privacy concerns, Vector One  will not return agent calls.